Ponsse – Fox (Harvester)

The PONSSE Fox harvester offers the newest technology and reliable basic solutions for excellent overall efficiency. An innovative crane, good visibility, eight wheels and low surface pressure make Fox perfectly suited for demanding conditions and soft terrain.



The eight-wheel PONSSE Fox is at home on soft soil and slopes. Easy and comfortable working is assured. With an entirely new type of crane located close to the cabin, the driver has an excellent view over the surrounding work site. The powerful engine and solid cylinder frame lock make both harvesting and navigating the site easy and efficient. The machine’s eight wheels and crane’s low centre of gravity ensure steady movement in all conditions.


Fox 3


The PONSSE C22 parallel crane is designed specifically for thinning jobs. Despite this, the machine is effective on all kinds of sites, thanks to its 36 feet (11-metre) reach and the versatile PONSSE H5 harvester head. Developed for efficient thinning, PONSSE H5 is a general harvester head, designed with particular attention to smooth multistemming.


The new PONSSE Fox harvester combines reliability and innovation. The fast yet economical feed and cutting of the PONSSE H5 harvester head guarantee high productivity under all operating conditions. The Opti4G information system enables multi-stemming without any mechanical changes to the harvester head. PONSSE Fox can also be equipped with the adept H6 harvester head, for a reach of up to 34 feet (10.3 metres).


Fox Harvester


The most spacious and comfortable cabin and the most ergonomic controls in the market guarantee the best working comfort. The PONSSE Opti information system is an advanced and easy-to-use tool for controlling the machine and work.


The Fox’s unrivalled power stems from the high torque of the Mercedes-Benz engine and the large 190 cm3 working pump, which allow for the best possible efficiency and utilisation ratio – impressive power with low fuel consumption.


The Fox’s frame design was carried out with special attention to durability and ease of service. The reliable frame lock equipped with hydraulic cylinders is solidly made and acts as a shock absorber when driving.


The Fox’s PONSSE C22 parallel crane is economical and extremely easy to use. The low centre of gravity, functional geometry and the exceptional performance of the hydraulic tilt movement enhance the machine’s stability and result in substantially lower rates of fuel consumption. To ensure the quality and functionality of Ponsse’s crane/basic machine combinations, all crane models are designed and manufactured by Ponsse itself.



Ponsse harvester heads are known for their high efficiency/weight ratios and robust structure, which are second to none. The Fox comes with the best harvester head selection on the market: the small and spunky H5 is well-suited for work focused on thinning, whereas the light and efficient H6 shows its true quality on more sizable logging sites.



With eight wheels, the Fox is well adapted to all kinds of sites. The low surface pressure enables efficient working on soft and delicate terrain, while the machine’s stability gives you confidence on uneven soil and steep slopes.



Fox Workstation


The cabin of a PONSSE forest machine offers a cross-section of the latest forest machine technology. It provides a working environment for skilled professionals who value comfort, safety and ergonomics. The ergonomics of the control devices represent the cutting edge of forest machines and, thanks to the large cabin, wide windows and thin window pillars, the visibility from the cabin is excellent
in all directions.


The new PONSSE Comfort forest machine user interface was developed in cooperation with drivers and is based on years of experience. Among other features, it is equipped with new control handles, armrests with switches and a cabin switch panel. The development work included an in-depth analysis of driver’s ergonomics, habits and wishes. This analysis formed the basis for taking driver ergonomics to a whole new level. Ball or mini handles are still an available option to this new Ponsse Comfort control handles.